I want to order an e-book/audiobook? How will I receive it?

All digital products sold from Theophilus Monroe Books are delivered by Bookfunnel. 


Can I still load my e-books on my Kindle/Nook/Ereader?

Absolutely! Bookfunnel not only offers instructions for how to upload your new e-book onto your device (they support pretty much every Ereader out there) but their support staff will help you do it!  Don't e-mail Theo about how to load your e-book... he's just an author, and probably doesn't have a clue. The good folks at Bookfunnel do!   In addition, Bookfunnel has an e-reading app you can use and a link that will allow you read your book online.  


I ordered my ebooks/audiobooks. I don't see the e-mail from Boofunnel. What happened?

Most likely, the e-mail was filtered into spam.  If you're a Gmail user you might check your "promotions" tab as well.  To avoid this problem in the future simply whitelist or add help@bookfunnel.com to your contacts list.  If you still can't find the e-mail, use that same address and the folks at Bookfunnel will either send it to you again or help you find it.  


What about audiobooks? How does that work?

Bookfunnel has an incredible listening app that will allow you to listen to any audiobooks you purchase here.   


Where are the rest of your books? Why aren't they for sale on your store?

Some of Theo's books are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited where they can be read for free if you have a Kindle Unlimited subscription.  This program, however, requires that Theo keep his books exclusive on Amazon. 


Will the books in Kindle Unlimited eventually be available here? 

Most likely. It really depends on a variety of factors including how many readers are currently engaging a given series on KU. Over time, more and more books currently unavailable on this store will show up. Make sure you're subscribed (enter your e-mail at the bottom of the page, or buy something and leave the little box checked for discounts and deals) and you'll be the first to know!  


Is it safe to pre-order a book here? What happens if the book isn't published?  

No books are placed on pre-order here that are not "scheduled" to be completed. However, in the event that something crazy happens and Theo cannot deliver the book,  you will be refunded in full.  However, the dates for delivery posted are estimates only. Usually those are the dates when the books are delivered. However, in publishing, things happen. There are a lot of working pieces that go into releasing a book thus delays are possible. Usually if there's a delay it will be a matter of days/weeks rather than months.   


Why should I preorder here rather than on Amazon? 

Most books on preorder here will be available (on average) two months before they're release on Amazon. There are exceptions, though.  If you're subscribed, you'll have access to discount codes that make pre-ordering here a much better deal.  Just keep an eye on your in-box. 


Hey! The question I have isn't listed here... 

No worries!  E-mail Theo at theophilus@theophilusmonroe.com and he'll get back to you ASAP with any questions you have. He also likes to get to know his readers, so feel free to introduce yourself when you write in!