Reading Order

The following is a complete list of all my books.  The GoE (Gates of Eden) / Shattered Gates Universe is my primary Urban Fantasy universe.  

Most of the books are still exclusive on Amazon / Kindle Unlimited and not yet available for purchase on this site. Stay tuned. Over time they'll gradually migrate here.  Those that are in KU are marked accordingly in the list below.  Those available for purchase will have purchase links directly to my store where you can order the books directly.  Enjoy!  



Gates of Eden / Shattered Gates Universe

(Listed in chronological order)  

The Druid Legacy (KU)

Druid’s Dance

Bard’s Tale

Ovate’s Call

Rise of the Morrigan

The Fomorian Wyrmriders (KU)

Wyrmrider Ascending

Wyrmrider Vengeance

Wyrmrider Justice

Wyrmrider Academy (Exclusive to Omnibus Edition)

The Voodoo Legacy (KU)

Voodoo Academy

Grim Tidings

Death Rites

Watery Graves

Voodoo Queen

The Legacy of a Vampire Witch (KU)

Bloody Hell

Bloody Mad

Bloody Wicked

Bloody Devils

Bloody Gods

The Legend of Nyx (KU)

Scared Shiftless

Bat Shift Crazy

No Shift, Sherlock

Shift for Brains

Shift Happens

Shift on a Shingle

The Vilokan Asylum of the Magically and Mentally Deranged (KU)

The Curse of Cain

The Mark of Cain

Cain and the Cauldron

Cain’s Cobras

Crazy Cain

The Wrath of Cain

The Blood Witch Saga (KU)

Voodoo and Vampires

Witches and Wolves

Devils and Dragons

Ghouls and Grimoires

Faeries and Fangs

Monsters and Mambos

Wraiths and Warlocks

Shifters and Shenanigans

The Fury of a Vampire Witch (Available for purchase here!)

Bloody Queen

Bloody Underground

Bloody Retribution

Bloody Bastards

Bloody Brilliance

Bloody Merry

More to come!

The Druid Detective Agency (Available for purchase here!)

Merlin’s Mantle

Roundtable Nights

Grail of Power

Midsummer Monsters

Stones and Bones

Wild Hunt

More to come!

Sebastian Winter (Available for Pre-Order / Purchase here!)  

Death to All Monsters

Blood Pact

Game Over

More to come!

Other Theophilus Monroe Series

Nanoverse (Available for purchase here!)

The Elven Prophecy (KU)

Chronicles of Zoey Grimm (KU)

The Daywalker Chronicles (KU)

Go Ask Your Mother (KU)

The Hedge Witch Diaries (KU)


Kataklysm (Available for purchase here!)