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Blood Pact (Sebastian Winter #2) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX WINTER 2024]

Blood Pact (Sebastian Winter #2) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX WINTER 2024]

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They thought they kept the nightmare caged with blood.

They were wrong.

Sebastian Winter's world explodes when he uncovers a dark secret...

...a pact fueled by human sacrifice holding back an ancient, slumbering evil.

Now, the pact is broken.

The entity awakens, hungry and enraged.

Sebastian races against time to stop it before a city bleeds dry...

...but can he navigate the web of lies and hidden agendas of those who made the deal in the first place?

Blood Pact is the second book in the Sebastian Winter series. He's not your run-of-the-mill hunter or slayer. He doesn't hunt down monsters because of what they are. He only takes out the guilty. But not all hunters see things the same way... 

A decade ago, a monster abducted Sebastian's wife on their honeymoon. He's been hunting monsters ever since, looking for answers, hoping to find her. But nothing he's killed, yet, looks like the beast he faced that night.

Not every monster he hunts down has information, but if he can save a life, spare one person from the pain he's endured over the last ten years, it's worth it. And he won't stop until he has answers. Until Angie is back in his arms... 

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