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Theophilus Monroe

Bloody Hearts (The Fury of a Vampire Witch #7)

Bloody Hearts (The Fury of a Vampire Witch #7)

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I was giving up on love...

Because it really kinda sucks.

At least that was the plan.

Until that Cupid showed up...

The little bugger can't stop firing his damned arrows.

If you thought love triangles were complex... try a love dodecahedron. 

I mean, when a bunch of deadly vampires all think they're in love...

...and jealousy takes over... 

Heads are going to fly. 

Is this little bugger really Cupid at all?

I'm beginning to think he's something else... something familiar...

Because he's not sowing love. He's breeding chaos.  

Bloody Hearts is the seventh book in The Fury of a Vampire WitchYou've met Mercy before in The Legacy of a Vampire Witch and The Blood Witch Saga. She's fought against devils and demons, insidious witches, and old-world vampires. When she returns to Exeter, where she grew up as a girl, she'll find enemies even bigger and badder than anything she's ever faced before.

A great series for fans of the True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Underworld franchise to sink their fangs into. The Fury of a Vampire Witch features a dark and twisty romance, action that could even get a vampire's heart pumping, and a snarky badass heroine.

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