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Bloody Underground (The Fury of a Vampire Witch #2)

Bloody Underground (The Fury of a Vampire Witch #2)

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At least they had trials in Salem...

They're hunting our kind, burning vampires at the stake.

The man leading the charge isn't the "reverend" he pretends to be.

He has a deadly secret. Can I uncover the truth?

We have no choice but to fight...

But if we aren't careful, we'll give the "reverend" what he wants.

We'll become the murderous monsters he claims us to be.

Bloody Underground is the second book in The Fury of a Vampire Witch. You've met Mercy before in The Legacy of a Vampire Witch and The Blood Witch Saga. She's fought against devils and demons, insidious witches, and old-world vampires. When she returns to Exeter, where she grew up as a girl, she'll find enemies even bigger and badder than anything she's ever faced before.

A great series for fans of the 
True Blood / Sookie Stackhouse novels or the Underworld franchise to sink their fangs into. The Fury of a Vampire Witch features a dark and twisty romance, action that could even get a vampire's heart pumping, and a snarky badass heroine.

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