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Death to All Monsters (Sebastian Winter #1) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX WINTER 2024]

Death to All Monsters (Sebastian Winter #1) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX WINTER 2024]

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Sebastian Winter doesn't hunt monsters for glory.

It's not for money. This isn't a righteous crusade.

He's looking for his wife - and the monster that took her...

But after a decade of searching, nothing he's killed resembled the nightmare he encountered that fateful night.

Until now...

A creature snatching women from the night, leaving only silence in its wake. And the detail that makes his blood run cold: each victim, recently married.

Is this the long-awaited answer? Is this the creature that took Angie? 

Sebastian embarks on a desperate chase across the country, the line between hope and madness blurring with every passing mile.

One thing is certain: time is running out. Can he confront the past without succumbing to its shadow, or will he lose himself in the pursuit of vengeance?

Death to All Monsters is the first book in the Sebastian Winter series. He's not your run-of-the-mill hunter or slayer. He doesn't hunt down monsters because of what they are. He only takes out the guilty. But not all hunters see things the same way... 

A decade ago, a monster abducted Sebastian's wife on their honeymoon. He's been hunting monsters ever since, looking for answers, hoping to find her. But nothing he's killed, yet, looks like the beast he faced that night.

Not every monster he hunts down has information, but if he can save a life, spare one person from the pain he's endured over the last ten years, it's worth it. And he won't stop until he has answers. Until Angie is back in his arms... 

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