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Deluge (Kataklysm #5) [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX, 4/27/24]

Deluge (Kataklysm #5) [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX, 4/27/24]

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A worldwide flood threatens Ashathar...

The parting "gift" of a dead god.

Can Blake and Ming Yue stop it?

None of their powers can stem the tide.

It's time to forge a new path.

But without the guidance of the gods, Blaike and Yue are on their own.

Will they evolve in time? Before the world's destroyed?

Deluge is the fifth book in Kataklysm, an action packed epic progression fantasy series. Fans of progression/cultivation epic fantasies, unique magic systems, and immersive epics like Will Wight's Cradle series or Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive where the hero starts weak but gains power over time will also enjoy this expansive saga.

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