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Dreadlord (Kataklysm #4)

Dreadlord (Kataklysm #4)

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Is it possible to defeat a god of the gods?

Batara Kala initiated his second Kataklysm.

Can Ashathar survive another Kataklysm while still suffering under the last?

The gods are failing. They're losing their powers.

There's only one being capable of oppressing the gods.

Blaike and Ming Yue faced the destroyer of worlds.

Can they possibly stand against the destroyer of gods?

They are faced with an impossible choice.

Save the world, or save the gods.

Dreadlord is the fourth book in Kataklysm, an action packed epic progression fantasy series. Fans of progression/cultivation epic fantasies, unique magic systems, and immersive epics like Will Wight's Cradle series or Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive where the hero starts weak but gains power over time will also enjoy this expansive saga.

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