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Druid Detective Agency Bundle (Books 1-6)

Druid Detective Agency Bundle (Books 1-6)

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Elijah and Emilie already went through one adventure. Now, ten years after The Druid Legacy, they are facing a new challenge, one that will test their limits. The real threat isn't the otherworldly magic, the magic that once birthed life itself in Eden/Annwn. There was a reason why humanity was cast from the garden groves. When the magic of that place comes home, it won't take long to find out why. The real threat was here all along, hidden in human hearts, now made manifest by the power of creation itself.

 Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden in Druid Detective Agency.

 You'll encounter dragons and other mythical creatures. Facing them is nothing compared to fighting with monsters born of the human mind.


Book 1: Merlin's Mantle - The monsters we make...

Book 2: Roundtable Nights - What if all your nightmares came true?

Book 3: Grail of Power - The holy grail has been found.

Book 4: Midsummer Monsters - When the sun strikes the circle of stone, new monsters emerge from the otherworld... 

Book 5: Stones and Bones -The earth speaks for the angry dead...

Book 6: Wild Hunt 

This is an ebook bundle. Paperback/Audiobook bundles will be available after release.

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