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Ember (Kataklysm #2)

Ember (Kataklysm #2)

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Two paths. A single journey.

Blaike isn't like any other Ember.

He commands the draugr.

Can an army of the dead defeat the Lightweaver's legion?

Ashathar's sunstone mines are exhausted.

Without sunstone, the blight will consume the Kingdom.

To save Ashathar, Blaike must confront the tyrant who killed his father.

Can Blaike and his draugr army rescue Ashathar from both tyranny and darkness?

Ming Yue is on a quest to recover a shield forged from Antaboga's scale—the scale the dragon-god shed when he created the world.

Batara Kala is preparing to launch a second Kataklysm.

The power of the dragon scale is the only thing that might thwart the efforts of the destroyer. Will it be enough?

To recover the shield, Yue must travel through the hostile blight, beyond what's charted on Ashatharian maps.

Will her elixirs sustain her through the blight?

Ember is the second book in Kataklysm, an action packed epic progression fantasy series. Fans of progression/cultivation epic fantasies, unique magic systems, and immersive epics like Will Wight's Cradle series or Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archive where the hero starts weak but gains power over time will also enjoy this expansive saga.

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