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She used to persecute her own...

Alice is a 130+ year-old vampire who, for most of her existence, served as a Nightwalker with the Order of the Morning Dawn.

The Order was a zealous "religious" organization dedicated to the elimination of vampires and witches.

To further their cause, they recruited an army of vampires called "Nightwalkers" to do their dirty work.

How did they convince these vampires to join them?

With the promise that the only way vampires could save their souls was to kill their own!

Alice has abandoned the Order and now seeks to take them down.

In an effort to do so, she must ally with the Vampire Council—headed by the same vampire she'd hunted since the day she was turned.

To prove herself to the Vampire Council, Alice must undergo a mission to recruit the old world vampires in Romania to their cause.

This sends Alice on an enthralling journey into a hidden underground world where mysteries abound, magic is real, and some of the most brutal vampires in history thrive.

Alice in Vampireland is (loosely) a fairytale re-telling of Lewis Carroll’s classic, Alice in Wonderland. It is set in Monroe’s Gates of Eden/Shattered Gates universe. It’s a thrilling adventure with action, romance, and intrigue!

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