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Theophilus Monroe

Kataklysm (Books 3-5)

Kataklysm (Books 3-5)

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Radiant (Kataklysm #3)

There's more than one way to destroy a world.

The gods detected a threat.

Batara Kala is preparing to launch another Kataklysm.

What is his plan?

Fire from the heavens? The spread of disease? A worldwide flood?

Blaike must find Ming Yue.

He hasn't seen her since they were both young Embers.

Did she advance to Luminary? Is she prepared to follow the path to Radiant?

Will two Radiants be enough to challenge Batara Kala?

None of that will matter if Blaike can't find her.

Even together, are two Radiants enough to defeat a god and save the world?

Dreadlord (Kataklysm #4)

Is it possible to defeat a god of the gods?

Batara Kala initiated his second Kataklysm.

Can Ashathar survive another Kataklysm while still suffering under the last?

The gods are failing. They're losing their powers.

There's only one being capable of oppressing the gods.

Blaike and Ming Yue faced the destroyer of worlds.

Can they possibly stand against the destroyer of gods?

They are faced with an impossible choice.

Save the world, or save the gods.

Deluge (Kataklysm #5)

A worldwide flood threatens Ashathar...

The parting "gift" of a dead god.

Can Blake and Ming Yue stop it?

None of their powers can stem the tide.

It's time to forge a new path.

But without the guidance of the gods, Blaike and Yue are on their own.

Will they evolve in time? Before the world's destroyed?

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