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Theophilus Monroe

Kataklysm (Darkworld + Books 1-2)

Kataklysm (Darkworld + Books 1-2)

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Darkworld (Kataklysm: Origins)

The sun is dying over Ashathar.

Kataklysm arrives every three thousand years.

It's always different, but whatever form it takes, the result is the same—it brings humanity to the brink of extinction.

The last Kataklysm... happened three thousand years ago.

To save the world from Kataklysm, Tannen seeks an ancient path, once cultivated by the ancestors, long since abandoned and forgotten.

To find the path, Tannen must venture into hostile lands.

Did the path save a remnant of life during the last Kataklysm?

Or was there something else about the path they pursued that left them warped, exiled, and nearly forgotten?

Tannen must venture into Tensia. A place occupied by a barbaric superhuman race.

Tannen isn't a warrior. He's an archaeologist.

His companion, Valoria, is an astrologist.

This could be the last Kataklaym, the end of humanity forever.

Can Tannen and Valoria survive in hostile territory, or will their deaths seal the fate of the world?


Blightmage (Kataklysm #1)

Embrace the (B)light...

It has been fifty years since the sun died over Ashathar.

Blaike was born in the blight. As one of the "touched" he is devoid of power.

He is forbidden from following the Lightweaver Path.

The "touched" still serve the brightlands, working the mines to extract sunstone; to deliver it to the Lightweavers, the saviors, preservers, and rulers of Ashathar.

The largest sunstone ever extracted from the mines has been found. It could empower the brightlands for months. When it is discovered that someone stole the sunstone's power, Blaike is exiled from the brightlands. Was he really to blame? Can he survive the blight? Or, is there a larger threat than the Lightweavers ever realized that could destroy Ashathar once and for all?

Ming Yue is the daughter of a brewer. The Ming clan's elixirs have supported those on the Lightweaver path for a half-century.

Yue's twin brother was taken by the blighted when they were children. But when she's denied access to the Lightweaver path, since she is not the first-born child of her clan, Yue's father tasks her to create an elixir that might save her brother from the blight.

He's the only chance the Ming clan has to remain prominent amongst the brightborn, to produce a Lightweaver who might protect Ashathar for years to come.

But there is no guarantee that Yue's brother has survived among the blighted.

Would he remember her at all?

Is the mysterious figure, found in the blight, truly her brother--or is he someone else, someone who might challenge the dominance of the Lightweavers and the security of Ashathar?


Ember (Katkalysm #2)

Two paths. A single journey.

Blaike isn't like any other Ember.

He commands the draugr.

Can an army of the dead defeat the Lightweaver's legion?

Ashathar's sunstone mines are exhausted.

Without sunstone, the blight will consume the Kingdom.

To save Ashathar, Blaike must confront the tyrant who killed his father.

Can Blaike and his draugr army rescue Ashathar from both tyranny and darkness?

Ming Yue is on a quest to recover a shield forged from Antaboga's scale—the scale the dragon-god shed when he created the world.

Batara Kala is preparing to launch a second Kataklysm.

The power of the dragon scale is the only thing that might thwart the efforts of the destroyer. Will it be enough?

To recover the shield, Yue must travel through the hostile blight, beyond what's charted on Ashatharian maps.

Will her elixirs sustain her through the blight?

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