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Theophilus Monroe

Merlin's Mantle (Druid Detective Agency, #1)

Merlin's Mantle (Druid Detective Agency, #1)

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My wife, Emilie, and I run a detective agency – not your typical kind.

We specialize in the otherworldly, the kind that surfaces when magic bleeds into our world.

Lately, the bleed has become a gusher.

Strange creatures, ripped straight from myth and nightmare, are pouring out of a portal hidden in the city.

But they're not just sightseeing – they're leaving a trail of bodies in their wake.

And it's clear their target isn't just any innocent citizen, it's the little boy living under our roof – Merlin.

Yes, that Merlin.

Raising a legendary wizard in the 21st century is no walk in the park, especially when his ancient enemies keep popping up to try and stop him reaching his destiny.

Now, with these murderous creatures on the loose, the stakes have never been higher.

Who opened the portal? Why are they after Merlin?

And how can we stop them before they silence the future's greatest sorcerer... and take a whole lot of innocent lives with him?

This is our story. How we became not just druids—but detectives.

All I know is that we’re the only ones standing between our city and these monsters.

And if we can’t protect Merlin, if something harms him before he can go back in time to fulfill his destiny, it will change everything…

...and not for the better.


Merlin's Mantle is the first book in the new Druid Detective Agency urban fantasy series. Elijah and Emilie already went through one adventure. Now, ten years after The Druid Legacy, they are facing a new challenge, one that will test their limits. The real threat isn't the otherworldly magic, the magic that once birthed life itself in Eden/Annwn. There was a reason why humanity was cast from the garden groves. When the magic of that place comes home, it won't take long to find out why. The real threat was here all along, hidden in human hearts, now made manifest by the power of creation itself.

Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden in Druid Detective Agency.  Think the Dresden Files and the Iron Druid all wrapped up in one!



You'll encounter dragons and other mythical creatures. Facing them is nothing compared to fighting with monsters born of the human mind.

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