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Merlin's Mantle (Druid Detective Agency #1) Audiobook

Merlin's Mantle (Druid Detective Agency #1) Audiobook

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The veil is thin, the darkness bleeds. And we're the only ones between it and our city.

My wife, Emilie, and I are more than detectives. We’re more than druids.

We're the last wall against the rising tide of chaos. Magic, once accessible only to a few, now bleeds like a gushing wound, spewing creatures of myth and nightmare into our world.

These monsters aren't here to play. They leave a trail of bodies, hunting for one specific target: the boy living under our roof - Merlin.

Yes, that Merlin. Raising a legendary wizard in the 21st century is a challenge, but keeping him safe from ancient enemies determined to twist his destiny is a nightmare.

Now, with these bloodthirsty monsters loose, the city hangs in the balance. Who ripped open the veil? Why do they crave Merlin's blood? And can we stop them before they silence history’s greatest sorcerer, taking countless innocents with him?

This is our story. How we became more than druids, but protectors – the Druid Detective Agency. We're the last line of defense against a darkness born from the deepest recesses of the human mind.

If we fail, if Merlin falls, history will shatter. And the monsters won't stop with him.

Merlin's Mantle is the first book in a series unlike any other. It's Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden, with the grit of the Iron Druid and the heart-pounding action of a modern thriller. Prepare to face mythic beasts, unravel ancient conspiracies, and discover the true monsters, the ones we create ourselves.

This is more than a case. It's a battle for the past, the present, and the future.  

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