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The Curse and the Cradle (Druid Detective Agency #7) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX FEB 2024]

The Curse and the Cradle (Druid Detective Agency #7) Audiobook [ARRIVES IN YOUR IN-BOX FEB 2024]

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What I love the most could destroy the world.

My hand rests on Emilie's swollen belly, the gentle rise and fall a constant reminder of the miracle – and the terror – that grows within her.

Every kick, every flutter... love that burns fierce and a fear that chills me to the bone.

Strange lights writhe across the sky, constellations twisting into unnatural shapes.

A celestial sign from nature herself. A warning about of the child we're bringing into the world. 

Emilie weakens with each passing day, the once vibrant spark in her eyes replaced by a hollowness that can only be attributed to the soul that grows within.

The lines blur – protecting our family, saving the city – they twist together into a tangled knot. 

Our team scrambles for answers. But we're not just an agency, anymore. We're a family.

And we stand together.  

The fate of our child, and quite possibly the world, hangs in the balance. 

Prophecies be damned. 

This is our child. And she won't become the horror the world expects. 

I've always fought alongside nature.

But this time... I might have to fight against it to save our baby.   

The Curse and the Cradle is the seventh book in the new Druid Detective Agency urban fantasy series. Elijah and Emilie already went through one adventure. Now, ten years after The Druid Legacy, they are facing new challenges that will test their limits.  

Harry Potter meets Harry Dresden in Druid Detective Agency.

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