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The Druid Detective Agency (Books 2-6)

The Druid Detective Agency (Books 2-6)

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Did you enjoy Merlin's Mantle?

Then take advantage of this great pre-order bundle at nearly half-off regular price!

Get the next five books of the new hit series, Druid Detective Agency - The books will arrive in your in-box on release day!


Book 2: Roundtable Nights - What if all your nightmares came true?

Book 3: Grail of Power - The holy grail has been found.

Book 4: Midsummer Monsters - When the sun strikes the circle of stone, new monsters emerge from the otherworld... 

Book 5: Stones and Bones -The earth speaks for the angry dead...

Book 6: Wild Hunt The Spectral Riders are here... 

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