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Theophilus Monroe

The Fury of a Vampire Witch (Books 1-3)

The Fury of a Vampire Witch (Books 1-3)

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After 130+ years as a vampire, Mercy returns to her hometown of Exeter where she joins Prince Ladinas and his team of underground vampires to stop a host of ancient vampires who've returned from vampire hell.


Book 1: Bloody Queen

Hell hath no fury like a witch-turned-vampire scorned...

My long-dead vampire brother has returned from hell.

He's challenged my right to the vampire throne.

He brought a hellhound with him.

Every time hellbeast kills, the bastard gets stronger.

He's unstoppable. Stronger and faster than any vampire I've ever encountered.

Have I finally met my match?

On top of that, my ex-vampire lover is on a tear.

I need to rally every vampire I can find.

I've teamed up with Prince Ladinas and the Vampire Underground.

These vampires aren't much for the democratic processes of the Vampire Council. 
They need a bloody queen—and I'm just the bitch for the job.

Book 2: Bloody Underground

At least they had trials in Salem...

They're hunting our kind, burning vampires at the stake.

The man leading the charge isn't the "reverend" he pretends to be.

He has a deadly secret. Can I uncover the truth?

We have no choice but to fight...

But if we aren't careful, we'll give the "reverend" what he wants.

We'll become the murderous monsters he claims us to be.

Book 3: Bloody Retribution

It's time to settle an ancient score.

My human father has returned from the grave.

He tried to kill me after I became a vampire. He intends to finish the job.

But that's the least of my problems.

Someone else brought him back.

Who would do something like that?

All I know is that whoever it is wants me dead.

I intend to spoil his plans.

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