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Theophilus Monroe

The Fury of a Vampire Witch (Books 1-6)

The Fury of a Vampire Witch (Books 1-6)

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After 130+ years as a vampire, Mercy returns to her hometown of Exeter where she joins Prince Ladinas and his team of underground vampires to stop a host of ancient vampires who've returned from vampire hell.


Volume 1: (Books 1-3)  - Regular Price 19.99

Includes: Bloody Queen, Bloody Underground, and Bloody Retribution

Volume 2: (Books 1-3)  - Regular Price 19.99

Includes: Bloody Bastards, Bloody Brilliance, and Bloody Merry

If all six books were purchased individually on Amazon you'd pay $119.94 ($19.99 each)

If you bought these two combination volumes (already at a huge discount) you'd pay $39.98

By bundling them together you get both volumes and all SIX BOOKS at the low price of $36.99!  


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