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Are we culpable for our ancestors' sins? When a former slave girl, and Voodoo witch, returns from the dead to exact her revenge on the descendants of her former owners, Joni Campbell must discover a power dormant in her ancient lineage in order to thwart the witch’s plans.

Before it happened, Joni Campbell was an average teenager, living on her family’s old plantation in Baton Rouge. When a ghost appears on Halloween, and warns Joni that Messalina, a Voodoo witch and former slave has returned and is seeking her out in order to steal Joni’s dormant power, she must confront her family’s tragic past, while also discovering an even more ancient truth—that she is descended from a line of noble Druids. Will Messalina succeed, and raise an army of undead, former slaves, in order to exact vengeance on the ancestors of slave owners? Joni is the only one who stands in her way.

Druidess introduces a new, modern fantasy series, that takes readers on a thrilling journey into the world of Celtic and Native American mythology, Voodoo, and an eternal realm where all magic—good and evil alike—has its origins. Druidess is filled with shocking plot twists, compelling characters, and features a strong female hero.

If you liked the way Anne Rice’s Mayfair witches encountered historic evils in The Witching Hour, enjoy stories of ancient demons, mythical characters, wizards, and even zombies then you’ll love Monroe’s debut contemporary fantasy. With a touch of horror, and a compelling journey of discovery into the world of Druid magic, Monroe’s Druidess is sure to keep readers enthralled from start to finish. 

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